Ajani:Damaging self-esteem:

 Ajani’s friends realize that he struggles with his self-esteem. He always has something negative to say about himself or his abilities when in their eyes he is smart, talented and full of potential. They have decided to speak to him about it to get to the root of his problem and to try to get him some help.

Friend 1: Ajani, why do you always talk negative about yourself?

Ajani: I don’t know. My parents just constantly keep telling me that I am worthless, good for nothing and that I was a mistake.

Friend 2: But you are really smart, helpful, caring and kind. I don’t know why they would say that.

Ajani: (continuing) They say I am their worst child and I won’t amount to anything.

Friend 1: That’s not right! They are damaging your self-esteem which can affect your potential.

Friend 2: Have you considered talking to them about how their words are affecting you?

Ajani: I can’t talk to them. They are never wrong and they don’t think children can have problems.

Friend 1: How about you talk to our Guidance Counsellor? There is also this new helpline that gives children a voice where they can express themselves freely and get the help they need. I think it is called SafeSpot . My cousin reached out to them and he told me that they are warm and friendly and they give good help and advice.

Ajani: Ok, how can I reach out to them?

Ajani can reach out to SafeSpot by clicking the following icons below