Danielle: Insensitivity towards her feelings


Danielle constantly complains that her adult relatives are insensitive towards her feelings because they don’t think that children can have problems. They believe she has an easy life with everything that she needs and is therefore ungrateful and unappreciative. It often leads to her feeling depressed and boxed in. She has now become more withdrawn, less expressive and her grades are getting low.

Her concerned form teacher reaches out to her about what is happening with her grades and change in attitude. Danielle explains her situation and her teacher suggests the following:

  • Express how she feels to her parents using ‘I-Messages’. Suggested links https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnkinUsR7eI
  • Say positive things to herself whenever she has these encounters.
  • Form a support group with friends who may be experiencing something similar.
  • Contact SafeSpot